January 4, 2015

the dawning of this new year

The clock struck midnight - - - the ball dropped, confetti flew, toasts were made, hugs were given, celebration occurred.  The beginning of the new year came.  

New.  Existing for the first time.  Fresh, unfamiliar, strange.  Not previously discovered, learned, experienced or encountered.  Different from the former.

When the new year came, some made resolutions.  Some made plans.
Some are eager and confident. Some are hesitant. Some are hopeful.  Some are despairing. Some look upon it as the start of a new chapter - others are starting a whole new book.

I've been Standing Still with the beginning of this new year.
Today--- very, very, early today (thanks to insomnia)--- I used the quietness and the stillness to contemplate this new year.
Truth is, for me, resolutions despite good intentions are broken.  Plans change and fall through. I am not always the most eager or confident when it comes to starting something new as doubt sometimes nags in the corners of my mind.  So as I look at this new year; face the unfamiliar; prepare for something different; try to prepare for something I've not encountered and for which I may have no experience; my hesitancy is understandable. 

Standing still in these early hours the morning sun rises over the horizon I watch and see the darkness slowly creep away. 
I am struck by a bit of an allegory - "the sun rises and darkness creeps away"  "the SON rises and DARKNESS creeps away.

A new day continues to dawn and words seem to be whispered across the horizon and into my heart...
Lamentations 3:22-23 - " Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail, they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness."  
Revelations 21:5 - "Behold, I make all things new."
Jeremiah 29:11 - "God declares, 'I know the plans I have for you...plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Is. 41:10 - "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

This new dawn brings a new day.
Every day is a new beginning to take a deep breath and start again.
Every day's journey begins with a single step.

As a beloved child, I have assurances that no matter what each new day brings in this new year - I am greatly loved. There need be no hesitation for HIS plan is the one in play (thank goodness it's not mine - or my plan B... or C ... or....)  If I fall on this journey - He's there to pick me up. If the darkness creeps back, it will not consume me.  When I feel tired, I am upheld.

Looks like it's gonna be a bright, bright, sun shiny new day (and year)!

My prayer for you is to experience His assurances for new mercies each day of this new year!

January 3, 2015


The clock struck midnight - - - the ball dropped, confetti flew, toasts were made, hugs were given, celebration occurred.  The old year came to a close. 
I've been Standing Still with the ending of this past year... for so many reasons... and have had a few realizations.

Ending - a conclusion, a closure, a finish, a termination, a stop.

Sometimes an ending comes thankfully.  There is a conclusion - a termination; a finish -  to an experience which was difficult... hurtful...painful... sad... a struggle.
Recognition of an ending - whether happy or otherwise - ultimately brings relief.

Ending -the culmination, the sum.

The sum of the experiences of this past year - no matter how difficult - did ultimately culminate in good.  There were lessons and growth. There was realization.  And a detour led to a better path.  There was strengthening.
Standing still with the ending of this year I considered some of what I learned -

              -Often a person's reaction is more the result and a comment on issues they personally have.
              -There is a difference between listening to understand and listening to reply.
              -Some people use words to reflect who they want to be, but actions always show who they really are.
              -You may already have what  you are searching and working so hard for.
              -Detours can be rough; they take time; they are often not planned... but they are for our safety... our benefit-... to either keep or get us on the right path.
              -Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place.
              -Peace isn't always mine to make - but I am always kept in perfect PEACE when I rest in HIM.
              -Where God leads us He will always provide a way.
              -God may not give us what we want but rather He gives us what we truly need.
              -I may not know what tomorrow holds, but I know WHO knows tomorrow.

 What has the sum of the past year culminated in for you? Stand Still and see...

 Matthew 28:20  - I am with you always, unto the very end of the age.
Isaiah 26:3 - “Thou dost keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee.”
Proverbs 4:11 - I instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths.
Romans 8:28 - And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.
Isaiah 58:11  The LORD will guide you always; HE will satisfy your needs.